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Release Info

Request | Response. That is the ordinary flow of HTTP(s) communications. Embedded in each Request, is the Prefix of interest you would like the web server, in this case NginX, to consider. NginX searches for Locations that are ideal and processes the rule(s) therein, rendering fabulous HTML, even if error-bound. Locations map web space, to File System (FS), and other spaces. Spend a bit studying NginX Locations in this release.

Release Syllabus

NginX Location
  • Environment
  • Echo Locations
  • Location Modifiers
  • Try Files
  • Trailing Slash
  • (Deny | Permit) dotfiles
  • (Deny | Permit) Suffixes
  • Prefixes
  • Root Locations
  • Alias Locations
  • Single File Location
  • Return Location
  • Conditional Location
  • PHP Location
  • Restrict Methods
  • COOKIE-Based Location
  • 444 Location

Release Notes

Tokyo Time







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Certificate of Completion