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Security, Distros, Unix, Automation, SQL, NoSQL, Virtualization, L[AE]MP, Infrastructure and related Cloud Technologies.



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Cost-Effective | Cloud-Based Training is the avant-garde leader in the delivery of first-class, first-rate Open Source Training content to organisations and individuals of all badges & stripes.

Our narrative is unmatched.

Trusted by erudite students, I[C]T professionals, researchers, career-changers, governments, NGOs, and studious minds alike.

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition delivers innovative, invaluable, skills-intensive, narrative-driven Open Source | Cloud Training.

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  • LinuxCBT EC2-ASG Edition

    (In|Out)ward Scaling, pre-Cloud Elasticity, has been a bane to those in the decision and execution pipeline.

  • LinuxCBT EC2-VPC Edition

    Integral to a scalable Cloud experience is a proper topological design.

  • LinuxCBT EC2-ELB Edition

    High-Availability (HA) of Web-facing Apps is par-for-the-course in the current commoditized computing environment.

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