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Develop High-Quality Content

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition delivers a no-frills, unorthodox learning experience to help you master du jour, salient ( Cloud | Open Source ) concepts and practices that absolutely matter.

We research, develop and deliver as streams, apt training modules that are of interest, and are in the spirit of the current enlightened computing zeitgeist.

Our CV is resolute. It rewards diligence and discipline. By employing a research-driven approach, you will be able to fulfill diverse business requirements, and ancillary objectives, invariably bolstering your desirability and market-value. Computing enlightenment is a marathon, not a sprint.

Dean Davis - ディーン デイビス

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition is authored by: ディーン デイビス.

ジャーラスタファルアイ inspires ディーン to develop Content. North of 1,744 Hours of Content, spanning 130 Modules, are available for perusal.

Ideally, one should use LinuxCBT Cloud Edition as a reference library, over an amenable, designated period, resulting in eventual mastery of traditional ( Linux | Unix | Open Source | Cloud ) concepts and skills, which sets the stage for broad career prospects and heightened, and, enlightened computing in any environment.

Value Proposition

Typically, certification objectives are maligned with business needs. The rapid shakeout of the initial, speculatively-driven, Web 1.0 economy is evidence of that trend. Still standing are the hard-liners ( Apt Open Source Heads ).

There has been a sensible return to the basics of core-computing led by:
( Linux | Open Source | Unix ) technologies, which power the current wave of abstracted innovation formerly know as: The Cloud.

Use LinuxCBT Cloud Edition to increase competency in the aforementioned areas.

Our 士 (Samurai)

Dean Davis -

Dean Davis - ディーンオ

CEO & Chief Instructor

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North of 1,744 Hours of Content Developed




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